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Kaew escorts woman story in Malaysia

Chiang Rai girl Kaew

Chiang Rai girl Kaew

Kaew lives in a village in Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand. She has three sons and was married to an abusive husband, who drank too much and was either unable or unwilling to work. In May 1992, Kaew went to Malaysia on a ninety day tourist visa, hoping to earn enough money to care for her children. "I had three kids, my husband drank, and we had no money," Kaew explained, "so I had to do something." Several years earlier, Kaew had traveled to southern Thailand, to the city of Hat Yai in Songkhla province, to work as a sex worker. "I went back and forth several times trying to make money, leaving my children with my mother." Next she tried working in Singapore. She met a man there who asked her to move in with him, but he did not give her enough money to send home to her children, so she left and returned to her village. Again, she tried to reconcile with her husband, but he was still violent and drinking heavily. Finally, she left him, and moved into her parents' house with her children. A few months later, someone in the village asked her if she wanted to go to Malaysia, and she agreed. That person told her about an agent in Bangkok.

When she arrived in Bangkok, she was taken to an apartment with about thirty other women from northern and northeastern Thailand. They were all told to undress, and a woman examined their busts, stomachs, hips, and vaginas. Kaew was thirty-one years old, well above the average age of new recruits for the Malaysian sex industry. But she looked young, and the agent in Bangkok decided I was beautiful enough to go to Malaysia, though I had to get a nose job first and they kept messing it up; they had to do it four times to get it right. The agent wanted me to get my eyes done too, but I refused. Other women got plastic surgery for their breasts, eyes, or other body parts. Women who were not beautiful enough were given a bus ticket home to their village.

Kaew was given 100 baht (US$ 4) a day while she waited in Bangkok with other women who were going to Malaysia. She waited in Bangkok for seven months because the agent used her to get passports and visas for the other girls.


Choose and buy your women

Choose and buy your women

They used me because I was older, so it was easier for me. I got five passports for other women - each time getting married to change my surname. If I think about it now, the agents were very, very clever. They could even make birth certificates; they could do everything. They were so clever, and in Malaysia the brokers are even more clever.

After seven months, I threatened to go home because I wasn't making any money, so they sent me to Malaysia. My escort was a Western man named Gary. He took the women to Malaysia one-by-one. He had many passports and worked with the airline. He had a visa that allowed him to go back and forth between Malaysia and Thailand through his banana business. He was handsome and dressed up and spoke Thai. I told the immigration officials that I was going to visit a banana factory in Malaysia to see how it worked and I had a letter from the company in Thailand. Gary had US$ 12000 with him. Gary and I were separated by the immigration officers at the airport and asked questions about the company, but we had prepared before. I had practiced for two or three nights before I left, and learned to write my new name in English.

At KL airport, someone was waiting for me and took the clothes and jewelry that they had given me to wear. The person took me to the mama's house in Kuala Lumpur. There were lots of women there and people came to choose women and buy them. I was bought on the third day, and told that my price was US$ 30000. After three or four days of working at the snack bar, I realized how much US$ 30000 was.

Kaew explained that she had understood there would be some debt for the airplane ticket and other expenses, but she had never been told how high her debt would be, and she was shocked at the amount. "The other girls said to me, 'that's a lot of debt and you're old; you'll never pay it off.' Then I prayed that it would only take six or seven months to pay it off, and I went with all of the clients I could... The mama said to me, 'don't let your period come, or you'll never finish paying your debt.'" So Kaew also took contraceptive pills daily, though she had been sterilized at age twenty-one, so that she would not menstruate and could work every day. She got her mother to send the pills from Thailand, so that she would not have to buy them from her mama and increase the level of her debt.


Working in Escort in KL

Working in Escort in KL

The boss would tell me to go with a man, and I couldn't refuse. Girls were beaten if they didn't agree, and the owner was close to the Mafia so he knew how to fight. Women were also fined for coming back late, fighting with each other, or not agreeing to sit with a client, so I did what I was told. Other women were beaten so badly they had to take days off; I wasn't beaten or given fines because I obeyed.

Some clients were good, and some were abusive... I had up to three clients a night because I needed to pay off my debt, and after six months the mama said I had paid off US$ 20000. I kept track in a notebook and this sounded about right - I was paying back about US$ 3000 or US$ 4000 per month, and I could have paid off the rest of the debt soon. But while I was working, I met a man who was a friend of the owner. He came to the snack bar often, but he never took women out, he just talked to them. I had to talk to him, and at first I was upset because I knew he wasn't going to pay to take me out, but then he gave me tips just to sit and talk. He told the owner that he liked me and asked to buy out my contract, and the owner agreed since it was his friend. Usually, they didn't allow men to buy women out.

So he paid the US$ 10000 that I owed and set me up in an apartment. He gave me money, and I also continued to work at the same snack bar, but I wasn't in debt so I earned money. Women working without debt still had to go with a customer if he picked her out, but I didn't have to try flirting and all anymore because I wasn't so worried about money. On Tuesdays, I spent the day with my boyfriend, and the other days I worked. I continued to work there for almost two years after my debt was paid, and then I was arrested.

Kaew's snack bar was in Nagano prefecture, about three hours west of Kuala Lumpur by train.

All of the local police came to the snack bar, just like in Thailand, and they were very nice - there were no problems. But then police came from Kuala Lumpur. They were cleaning up in preparation for the Olympics in Nagano, and an undercover police officer from Kuala Lumpur came to the snack bar. She said she was a tour operator from Kuala Lumpur - there were a lot of tours from Kuala Lumpur - and that she wanted to see the women. When the women lined up, the officer took out her ID and arrested us all.


Kaew want to go to Malaysia

Kaew want to go to Malaysia

I always kept US$ 980 in my pocket to pay for my ticket to Thailand in case I was arrested and deported, so I had that with me. I also had my passport - the mama had kept it while I was in debt, but after my contract was paid I carried it at all times.

I gave my money and passport to the officer, and she let me get my stuff, and then I was taken to jail an immigration detention facility in Kuala Lumpur. Five days later I returned to Thailand. I didn't have to stay long because I had my passport and enough money for the trip home... When I left, I just got onto the plane like other passengers. There were twenty-four of us arrested together at the snack bar, and we were sent back to Thailand in groups of three or four.

Now Kaew is back in her village in Thailand. She worries that her sons are embarrassed about the work she did while they were growing up.

Whenever I think too much, I get sad. But then I remember when I could only feed my children rice and soup. My husband didn't help, so my kids had to stay with my mother while I went to earn money. That guy was physically abusive too. He would come home drunk and beat me. I tried to work it out with him. But things never changed. The oldest son knows everything I did. He remembers before, knows the choices I've made. I worry that my children will be embarrassed by me, by the fact that I was a prostitute. But I tell my kids: "I had many men on my chest and I cried, but I closed my eyes and thought of my kids." I don't know if they really listen or if it's in one ear and out the other.

Asked what she would say to other women who wanted to go to Malaysia, Kaew replied.

It's all good luck or not. It was good luck that I had a good snack bar, and bad luck that I got arrested, and good luck that I found a good boyfriend. If you talk to different women, you will get very different stories. Some women start to gamble, spend their money on hosts, and drink. It gets difficult to remember why you're there, for the young especially. Some are less obedient than me, so they have problems. The snack bar next door to me was run by the Mafia so it was worse. Some women are killed or followed if they escape, or even if they are arrested. Some are followed to Thailand, so many don't go back to their families right away, but wait. Now I want to go back to Malaysia to visit, but only legally. When I was in Malaysia, I had no rights because the job was illegal. I'd like to go back to see, independently. I'm trying to go legally, with a passport, so that I'm allowed to be there.


Kaew escorts woman story in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Kaew escorts woman story in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Kaew escorts woman story in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Kaew escorts woman story in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Kaew from Thailand lives in in Chiang Rai and has 3 sons and was married to an abusive husband, who drank too much and was either unable or unwilling to work. Kaew went to Malaysia on a ninety day tourist visa, hoping to earn enough money to care for her children.


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